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What people say about Ortho-Bionomy®


"I have scoliosis and chronic neck issues.  My neck often feels achy and compressed.  I have gone to the chropractor over the years and had it yanked out, to the point I see stars.  It feels better after but the feeling doesn't last.

I saw Mino for a session that was gentle, pain-less and much more affective!  My neck loosened up and I regained full range of motion.  It's been over 2 weeks and I still feel great." - Ed D.


"I have been dealing with a lot of stress and tension lately.  My neck shoulders and back are stiff.  My digestion has been irregular also. 

During the session I noticed my body start to relax during the gentle movements and my body melted into the table as I drifted off to sleep.  Afterwards, I felt a noticeable difference.  I was much calmer, lighter very relaxed and I even felt happier!" - M.P.


"It's so nurturing and supportive, and I like that I can feel things shifting and releasing--both physically and energetically. So much gets done in one hour!"  - Rebecca B.


"I haven't been sleeping due to severe nerve pain and swelling in my knee. As an athlete, I've had chronic knee problems over the years and the doctor says I need a knee replacement. After an Ortho-bionomy (OB) session with Mino last week, I slept like a baby and haven't had pain in the knee since then. I don't know how it (OB) works, but it does!" - Amber H. 


"I've suffered from constant back pain. After a few sessions with Mino, my pain totally went away. I haven't had any recurrence for the past 5 months!" - Karen T.


"It fixes my pain without more pain." - Michelle D.


"A release of tension I didn't know was there, leading to a wider range of movement that I didn't know I had lost. Gentle and calming to the mind as well as the body." - Kaz A.    


"It's incredibly gentle yet still effective. Great for those who don't like the chiropractor or massage. Also super relaxing." - Kim G.    


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